CBSS offers podcast recording services from an audio or video approach.

The studio had once started its own video podcast series, which was followed by a client coming in for the same, utilizing the green-screen facilities available at CBSS. (See our Video Podcast Demo Reel below.)

Early in 2014, the "Now Hear This Entertainment" podcast began recording at CBSS and has gone on to a large volume of weekly episodes now being heard around the world via the likes of iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and SoundCloud.  Some of the guests are interviewed in-studio while others are brought in using conferencing technology that CBSS later EQs in post-production.  CBSS is mentioned in (and pictures were taken here for) this February 26, 2016, newspaper article that ran about NHTE's 100th episode and worldwide listenership. CBSS is now recording and editing for Nail The Sales https://nailthesales.com

With podcasting strengthening its grasp on the on-demand audio platform, the medium is certainly here to stay.  Contact us today to inquire about starting your podcast at Crystal Blue Sound Studios.